Flowers on Monday

Flowers on Monday, founded and evolved in 2019, are two producers from the Black Forest in Germany.

The Streetwear label was launched in 2020.

Quality Streetwear Label launched

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Hey everyone, we are pleased to present you our very own small Streetwear label.

It was always a thought in our heads to sell quality textiles.

With the help of good friends we had the opportunity to make these thoughts real.

All our textiles are held to the highest standards of quality.

The shirts and the labels are 100% organic ring-spun combed cotton

and the sweatshirts contain 15% recycled polyester.

They are all fair-trade, ecological, vegan and have a PETA approval.

If you're interested in quality clothes check our online shop by clicking the button below.

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"Don't Give Up" Shirt Donation Project

Charity Foundation

Flowers on Monday stands for hope and change. Our upcoming release in August is supposed to give a face to our dreams of the future. With the title "Don't Give Up" we want to contribute a small part of this exciting movement towards freedom. 

We want people to go on and stay strong - especially in the current situation.

We will therefore donate the proceeds of this shirt to a charity foundation which is a global working organisation who stands up for kids rights, their survival, development and protection. The shirt is available in our Online Shop.



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